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University’s Poet-in-Residence Creates Book of ‘Found Poems’

Anthology includes work of three Sacred Heart staff members

Professor Jonas Zdanys

Lamar University Press has published a new book by Jonas Zdanys, internationally celebrated poet, professor and poet-in-residence at Sacred Heart University.

Zdanys created, developed and edited Unlocking the World: An Anthology of Found Poetry which is the first major anthology of such works.

“Found poems” take existing non-literary texts and reorder them as poems. The anthology’s poems show how words that were not originally meant to be a poem can be turned into one. The underlying principle of Zdanys’ book is that poetry can be found in ordinary language—even in language that first seems to be a struggle against any semblance of the imaginative voice.

The book contains the works of 54 contributors from throughout the United States, including three others from Sacred Heart: Nathan Lewis, art professor; Amie Reilly, adjunct instructor; and English academic department assistant Cory Sisterhenm, adjunct instructor. The sources of the found poems include textbooks, literary and scientific monographs, essays, newspaper and magazine articles, letters, emails, advertisements, speeches and other non-creative material. They all reveal the joy of discovering transformative aesthetic elements in everyday language and show readers that poetry resides everywhere.

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