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Alumna Collaborates on Sol LeWitt Exhibit at Yale Art Gallery

Marie Saporito invited to join team of artists celebrating LeWitt’s Legacy

Marie Saporito, seated on ladder, works on the installation.

Marie Saporito, a recent graduate of Sacred Heart University’s Art and Design program, joined a team of 13 other artists who installed seven Sol LeWitt wall drawings for an exhibit at Yale University Art Gallery. Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings: Expanding a Legacy will run through July 2.

LeWitt is credited with establishing Conceptualism and Minimalism as dominant art movements of the postwar era. He first conceived of his famous wall drawings in 1968, creating more than 1,300 of them until his death in 2007.

LeWitt wrote very specific instructions for each drawing so others could reproduce his work independently. Wall Drawing #1180, for example, calls for 10,000 black straight lines and 10,000 black, not-straight lines within the confines of a circle.

Nathan Lewis, associate professor of art in the College of Arts and Sciences, led several classes Saporito took during the course of her studies at SHU and encouraged her to apply for the project when the call for artists went out.

The timing of the opportunity at Yale was a bit serendipitous, according to Lewis. Life Chapters, one of the pieces in Saporito’s November capstone exhibit, Meta·morphosis:, was a collaborative, experimental project inspired by LeWitt,” said Lewis.

While Saporito has always been methodical in her planning and approach to art, she found the process applied during the work on LeWitt’s wall drawings at Yale had different demands. “At Sacred Heart, my preplanning was more conceptual and around texture and palette,” she explained. “The work my team and I did at Yale was much more mathematical and technical as a result of the templates and guidelines we used as the foundation for our work.”

Because of Saporito’s experience at Yale, Lewis said, more opportunities will open up for her and for other Sacred Heart art students as well. “Marie’s participation in the Yale exhibition served as a bit of a catalyst for what she will pursue next. After working with other artists and learning more about their perspectives and experiences at graduate school, she decided to apply to—and was accepted at—The Laguna College of Art and Design’s MFA program.”

Saporito’s involvement also puts Sacred Heart University’s art programs on the map. “The visibility of the exhibition at Yale will certainly serve to greatly increase awareness of Sacred Heart’s art program,” said Lewis. “And it opens up the eyes and minds of our art students to what is possible—exhibiting at a major museum and continuing studies in a graduate program.”

For more information on the Sol LeWitt exhibit, visit Yale University Art Gallery’s website.