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Political Science Professor’s Book Gets Chinese Translation

Gary Rose’s Shaping a Nation showcases 25 influential Supreme Court cases

Professor Gary Rose

A Chinese firm, Rightol Media Limited, will publish a translated version of Sacred Heart University Professor Gary Rose’s book, Shaping a Nation, which delves into 25 Supreme Court cases that had major effects on the United States.

“This announcement means so much to me, particularly because there is a possibility that my book will contribute to the citizens of China gaining appreciation of constitutional government in the true sense of the term,” Rose said. “In some respects, I’m exporting constitutionalism to a communist country, which hopefully will promote and advance the cause of human rights.”

When Rose published his work in 2010, he hoped it would be considered an alternative type of constitutional law textbook. “To couch the study of constitutional law in a political, economic and historical context is what made this book unique and appealing, and that is what separates it from the more standard case books on the market,” he said.

“Translating the book into Chinese by a Chinese publishing house on mainland China and marketing it there is very intriguing considering that press publications are heavily controlled by the central government. I’ll be interested to learn about sales and circulation.”

Rose is chair of SHU’s Government, Politics & Global Studies Department. His teaching and research interests include American politics and presidencies, presidential elections, constitutional law, state and local governments and political parties.