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Radio Host, CNBC Contributor Larry Kudlow Discusses Kennedy, Reagan at SHU

Author calls them ‘the best presidents’ in more than 50 years

Larry Kudlow takes questions from the audience at the Martire Forum.

Larry Kudlow, CNBC’s senior contributor, explained to an audience at Sacred Heart University recently why John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were the best U.S. presidents in more than 50 years.

Kudlow, who also hosts the nationally syndicated radio program, The Larry Kudlow Show, is the author of JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity. He came to SHU as the inaugural speaker for the University’s new Distinguished Leaders Series. Trustee Katie Burke, senior strategist and global chief of staff at Edelman, hosted the event.

“This isn’t a political talk,” Kudlow told his audience at the Forum in the Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communications Center. “I’m not here to crusade for anyone.” He said his book focuses on facts and describes what two great presidents, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, did to ensure the country was on a path to success. “Both guys helped the economy grow and prosper,” Kudlow stated.

He briefly explained the meetings, discussions and key people who were involved in Kennedy’s tax plan, which ultimately allowed the country’s economy to grow five percent. Kudlow said Kennedy faced much opposition but, in the end, his plan worked. When Reagan became president, he revived Kennedy’s tax plan and the country experienced growth yet again, Kudlow said.

“The most important thing a president can do for [this] nation is to promote growth and opportunity,” Kudlow said.

Audience questions touched on topics that included bank bailouts and government spending. The evening concluded with Kudlow signing guests’ copies of his book outside the Forum.