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Horizons Program Provides Another Enriching Summer for Bridgeport Youngsters

Focus encompasses academic enrichment to close the educational achievement gap

Horizons students at Community Night in August 2017

For the sixth consecutive summer, Horizons at Sacred Heart University expanded the knowledge and skills of young Bridgeport students to help them succeed in school.

Horizons at SHU is an academic enrichment program dedicated to closing the educational achievement gap that grows each summer between low-income children and their peers from middle- and higher-income families. Horizons staff will teach and inspire 152 young people through the beginning of August with classroom lessons, hands-on activities, field trips and swim and karate lessons.

“Horizons means a safe place for kids to come and have fun with a lot of consistency. It’s a great program for them to grow,” said Jenny Lona, a Horizons teacher. Lona said Horizons helps students keep pace in math and literacy, combining those lessons with other enrichment components to ensure students don’t fall back in social or emotional areas either—a risk that could occur if they were home for the summer. “Through the program, students are learning a lot about how to be a good student and how to be a good friend,” she said.

While Lona said she enjoys everything about Horizons, she noted one of her favorite activities is the morning meeting when the youngsters can greet a friend or teacher and give each other a high five or hug.

First-grader Justin Verano said his favorite activities at Horizons are swimming and martial arts. Such activities inspire and build confidence in the students, said Jeff Rumpf, Horizons’ executive director.

There are several opportunities for the public to visit Horizons at SHU in the next few weeks to observe the educational and fun activities that Bridgeport students are participating in this summer.

  • July 25—Students will honor Horizons supporter Hoby Kreitler by planting a tree in his honor, and afterwards they will show off their creative and innovative projects at the Makers Fair
  • August 2—Horizons at SHU ends with its Family/Community Night

Visit ANY Day: Horizons SHU welcomes you to visit or do a volunteer reading with students most mornings between 9 and 10:30. You will take a tour, visit a class and learn about the program’s mission and holistic “CARS” curriculum.

For more information on Horizons’ events this summer visit: