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Art Exhibition Swaps Stanzas for Brush Strokes

Art & Design Gallery shows the relationship between poetry and art

Poet-in-residence Jonas Zdanys presents his poetry at the opening reception.

The current exhibition at Sacred Heart University’s Art & Design Gallery, “Worlds Imagined: Co-Relations Between Art and Poetry,” dives headlong into the inspirational relationship between poets and artists. The show was conceived and curated by Nathan Lewis, associate professor of art, who had “always been intrigued and inspired by the number of painters inspired by visual poetry, and vice versa, going back as far as Dante and even Homer.”

In all, the work of 15 artists and poets, representing nine countries, will be on exhibit through Friday, Dec. 16.

“In the current climate, people are always thinking vocationally,” Lewis observes, explaining that they focus on work strictly as a means to make a living. “I wanted to give people access to artists whose work, at least in these instances, is something other than commercial. This is about expressing ideas.”

Highlights of the show include work from artists such as Patricia Goodrich, a poet who responds to her own poetry through painting, and then likewise responds to her painting through a new generation of poetry. Her work explores both the cyclical nature of inspiration and the evolutionary trajectory of ideas.

The show also serves as the unveiling of a new piece by South African mixed-media sculptor Andries Fourie, who often uses the unnatural juxtaposition of wild and domesticated animals as symbols of people’s conflicted natures.

“There’s always been a camaraderie between poets and artists,” says Lewis. “I’m very excited for the public to get to celebrate that partnership in a contemporary sense.”

The departments of Art & Design and English are sponsoring the exhibit.

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