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Sacred Heart Offers New Programs to Undergraduate, Graduate

Provides more choices and opportunities to students

Sacred Heart University is continuing 53 years of growth with new majors, minors, degrees and concentrations for graduate and undergraduate students.

Once primarily an undergraduate school, SHU has now evolved into a comprehensive University that provides commuters, residential students and graduate students with the skills and knowledge to be successful. The student population and infrastructure continue to grow and, to keep up with those developments and meet the needs of its diverse student population, SHU continually adds academic programs. This means more choices and opportunities for students.

In last five years, SHU has added eight new undergraduate majors and 16 new graduate programs. This year, new majors and minors for undergraduates include: biochemistry, coastal and marine science, human rights and social justice, global health, interdisciplinary studies, molecular and cellular biology, neuroscience, hospitality, resort and tourism management, and theater arts. New concentrations for undergraduate students include acting and musical theater.

Graduate students now can purse master’s degrees in physician assistant studies, social work and athletic training. Additionally, concentrations have been added to the chemistry and media literacy and digital culture masters in chem-bioinformatics and political action and media production respectively.

Along with studying for a specific major and/or minor, students also gain many critical 21st-century skills through SHU’s liberal arts education, said Rupendra Paliwal, provost and vice president for academic affairs.

“Sacred Heart has made significant investments in the last five years to become a more comprehensive university,” Paliwal said. “These investments have been intentional and in the areas with significant potential for growth and opportunities for the students. Students can now find several alternate pathways to complete their undergraduate and graduate education at the University in their field of choice, which prepares them for shifting needs of today’s workforce.”

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