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Professor Presents Paper on Connecticut School Finance at Oxford Conference

Pins gap in reforms on ‘historical institutionalism and path dependence’

Lesley DeNardis, associate professor and director of global studies, recently sought to explain the gap between Connecticut’s court-ordered school finance reform and its legislative remedies at the spring session of the Oxford Education Research Symposium, England.

The symposium, which took place at The University Club at Oxford University, is a prominent academic conference that invites scholars from all over the world to present papers on some aspect of education research. DeNardis’s research paper, “Theorizing Continuity and Change in School Finance: The Case of Connecticut,” covers 40 years of Connecticut’s K-12 education. Tracing state Supreme Court cases and legislation throughout that time, DeNardis argues that the gap in school finance reforms can be explained by historical institutionalism and path dependence.

“I was thrilled to be included in this international gathering of education scholars,” said DeNardis. “The ability to share ideas with educators from around the world about the theory and practice of education made this a truly memorable experience.”

Presented papers are peer-reviewed for possible inclusion in symposium-related publications. The symposium is affiliated with the Journal of Education Finance, the leading school finance journal in the United States, based at the University of Illinois.

For more information on the conference and its upcoming summer session, Aug. 3-5, visit the symposium’s website at