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Inaugural Literary Spotlight Launches with Four Featured Authors

New series will focus on encouraging writers who are committed to their craft.

Poet Jamie Stern speaks at the Literary Spotlight in the Art & Design Gallery.

Sacred Heart University hosted four featured authors to read at its inaugural Literary Spotlight Series on March 31. The event took place in the Edgerton Center art gallery.

The lineup included poets Jamie Stern and Thomas Dooley, author and director Jeff Bens, and children’s author Suzanne Cordatos, who is director of international admissions at SHU.

English professors Jonas Zdanys and Anita August chose the four individuals, who are in the early stages of their careers, to help expand their exposure in the literary field while engaging with current creative writing students.

“Writers often need to have their work audience-tested, but getting invited to give public readings is not always easy for beginning writers,” Zdanys said. “The University wants to encourage writers who are committed to their craft and to building their literary futures—the Literary Spotlight will provide a visible and welcoming setting for them.”

This event, scheduled to occur each semester, joins a growing number of literary opportunities at SHU, including open mic sessions and the Literary Spring readings each April, which feature well-known and established authors.

Those who wish to be considered as a guest author for the fall semester’s Literary Spotlight should contact Zdanys at


Featured writers included Jeff Bens, Suzanne Cordatos and Thomas Dooley.