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Global Nursing Program Earns Honorable Mention in 2016 IIE Heiskell Awards

The College of Nursing study-abroad program has received honorable mention in an award competition honoring outstanding international education initiatives.

The College of Nursing’s study-abroad program has received honorable mention in the 2016 Andrew Heiskell Awards competition, sponsored by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

The IIE initiated the awards in 2001 to “recognize and honor outstanding international higher education initiatives conducted by IIE-member universities and colleges,” according to the organization. Competition categories include study abroad, internationalizing the campus and international partnerships.

Universities that receive the study-abroad award provide “innovative programs and services to make study abroad more accessible to a broader student population,” according to the IIE.

“The SHU community is proud to receive a Heiskell Award honorable mention in recognition of the opportunities we developed to extend access to a rich array of study-abroad experiences for our nursing students,” said Carrie Wojenski, executive director of global affairs. “We understand the importance of providing our students with the skills and experiences needed to serve our global community. The strides made in our nursing program are a testament to the achievability of a global experience for students in all degree programs.”

The College of Nursing study-abroad program provides students with opportunities to gain international experience. A three-pronged portfolio of study-abroad nursing programs provides students with a choice of locations and time spans for study.

One part of the nursing study-abroad program allows students to take part in clinical field experiences in Jamaica, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, where they learn while delivering health care. This program also enables undergraduate, masters and doctoral nursing students to fulfill required clinical hours and internship requirements.

The College of Nursing also has invested in partnerships with nursing schools in Ireland and Australia to offer credit for short-term and semester-long study opportunities, so students with comparative health-care perspectives can connect with their counterparts in both countries.

In addition, faculty at The College of Nursing can conduct research and share expertise with colleagues in the Caribbean, northern Europe and Africa through SHU’s partnerships with universities in target regions around the world.